Chapter 1- Rosa

In 2011 my husband Rob and I were running a small cafe in the Eastern suburb of Balwyn. Come Christmas time we were dissatisfied with the quality of wholesale gingerbread houses available to us so we decided to make our own.


The rest as they say is history.


We spent many hours trialing different recipes and adjusting the spices until it was just right. That year we decided that we would give family and friends a gingerbread house to honour our first year of baking. Come on board my amazing mother whose gingerbread house making skills left me speechless, and my sister, whose gingerbread house making skills did not. Also onboard were my young nieces whose fun spirit helped make this a most memorable event. Six years later and we are still cringing at the state of the floor which took 2 hours to clean!! At the end of the day, houses looked great and we had a blast. For me, the memory of this year will always bring a sense of nostalgia to Christmas. We even have the mess factor all worked out.That same year my husband and I went on to make more than 200 houses for our cafe and managed to completely sell out leaving customers wanting more.


It took 4 more years before we were comfortable enough to turn our little side venture into a business of its own. My husband as baker/delivery man/sales rep and myself as decorator and all things office. We now sell our cafe range gingerbread through approximately 30 different outlets predominantly in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne along with  custom orders specific to events.

Chapter 2 - Nevin

They say that friends are the family you choose for yourself and this couldn’t be truer of my dear friend and “soul sister” Rosa. As my longest standing childhood friend, we have seen each other through many of life’s milestones. Who would have known that when we met in Primary School that years later we would be celebrating yet another of life’s milestones, and possibly the biggest yet?


At the end of 2017 and after working for 30 years as a Youth Worker and Social Worker, I found myself asking the question “where to next”? When I resigned from my role as Program Leader with a community not-for-profit at the end of 2017, I had little idea that the universe was performing its own magic and in its own way telling me exactly what I needed (even when I didn’t know yet what that was). I have always been a proud supporter of Rosa and ambassador of House of Gingerbread (I’ve lost count of how many gingerbreads I have consumed over the years), but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would get the opportunity and the privilege to join her in taking her amazing business to the next level.  


After investing many weeks of searching for the perfect property to grow the business, sourcing suppliers for our retail space, hours of renovating and painting the new store and at times looking like we had more paint on us than the walls, and least of all the hours of baking in your kitchen while we waited for our vision of the Shop to come to life; I say to you my dear friend “WE GOT THIS”. Here’s to us bringing our vision for House of Gingerbread to life in 2018.

Chapter 3

To Be Continued...