Christmas is synonymous with gingerbread and so many of us can recall fond memories of celebrating this festive season with gingerbread cookies, or if we were lucky, a Gingerbread House.


Christmas continues to be our busiest time of the year.  We love getting creative in our Retail store, bringing the space to life in a festive and whimsical way.

Each year we release a collection of Christmas themed cookies for our wholesale stockists so that those who can’t travel to our Warrandyte location still get to enjoy these special treats.

From mid-November up until Christmas Eve, we build and decorate a range of Gingerbread Houses in two sizes alongside an assortment of Christmas themed cookies.  While we would love to (and have for the past two years) accept the many requests we continue to receive to create customised and pre-ordered Gingerbread Houses, we have had to make the tough decision in 2020 to channel our resources towards ensuring that our Retail store continues to stock a steady quantity of Gingerbread Houses.


Each year we will post photos of our current designs and invite you to contact us before you visit us to make sure we have what you are looking for in stock.

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